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15 Dec 2015

Unless you haven’t picked up a recent copy of Madden 16 Coins Football, then you are well aware that EA has combined all of their “career” modes into one package under one heading titled Connected Franchise. You can choose to be an owner, a coach, or a player, and while each option is similar, each choice brings its own set of goals and choices. For now though, I want to focus purely on the single player’s career mode option. 


In any career mode, it’s extremely important for the Cheap NFL 16 Coins For Sale focus to be player-centric. In a player-centric environment, the game is based on the individual, and how that player impacts the franchise, and vice-versa. In Madden though, you are literally just placed on the field with a camera-lock on your player, and asked to play the game from that perspective. Once the game is done, it’s literally wash, rinse, and repeat, without any type of implicit focus on your player. No cut scenes, no dialogue, and no feedback really detract from any type of immersion.


There is literally zero feedback in player-only mode. Whether I grab 10 balls, have 12 tackles with a sack, or sit in the end zone and count how many fans are eating hot dogs, it doesn’t matter. Your player obviously has goals per game and season, and the amount of XP they receive is based on your on-field accomplishments (or lack thereof), but other than that there are absolutely no ramifications for performing well or poorly.


The NFL combine offers the perfect opportunity for Madden developers to showcase all the unique physical and mental tests that take place, and to place your created player in the middle of all of this would be outstanding. This would be a mode that would harken back to the 8-bit days of games like Track and Field, and could offer up the 40 yard dash, bench-press, vertical leap, agility, and much more.

Game Face

While NBA Live 16 may be a retail failure, they have at least implemented the game-face app correctly, and allowed users to easily create their likenesses within the game. While the game of football is impacted less than others by the use of helmets when it comes to facial exposure, it’s still a great feature to have the ability to put a close likeness of yourself into the game, and do so with such ease.

Offseason routines

Much like the real NFL, the amount of unseen work that is put in by the large majority of players has an incredible impact on their performance in the upcoming season. Even if the off-season regimen is only one of a text-based nature, there needs to be a grind mentality to it. Force me to put the time and effort in in order to advance my skills and knowledge of the game.


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